Newsletter Nº 15 - May 2015

IAUTA´s Executive Board and reception in the University of Madeira (Portugal)
Launch of the University of the Third Age in Rodrigues (Mauritius)
Scientific and Pedagogical Board in Edinburgh (Scotland - UK)
Preparation of the new  IAUTA´s website with UDC Foz do Iguaçu (Brazil)
(in french)

Newsletter Nº 14 - November 2014
95º IAUTA Executif Board 
International Conference IAUTA-UDC 
(in frenchenglish)

Newsletter Nº 13 - June 2014 

Visit of Prof. François VELLAS, IAUTA President at the invitation of U3A Shandong (China)
European Seminar organized by the U3A Reykjavik (Iceland)
Participation in the Summer of U3A Warsaw (Poland)
Meeting with Prof. Patrick DEMOUY and visit the U3A Fasano (Italy)
(in french)

Newsletter Nº 12 - June 2014 
Special 40e IAUTA´s anniversary 
(in french, English)

Newsletter Nº 10 - January 2014

Inauguration of U3A (Mauritius) 
(in french)

Newsletter Nº 9 - October 2013 
93º IAUTA´s Excutif Board 
(in frenchenglish and chinese)

Newsletter Nº 9 - May 2013 
Official opening.
92nd Governing Boqrd Meeting and election of Mr. Xinli, Vice President of IAUTA.
International Conference at the University of the 3rd Age of Guangzhou.
Visit of the delegation of IAUTA to University of the 3rd Age in Guangzhou.
Sightseeing cultural sites organized by the U3A Guangzhou.
Spectacle of members of U3A Guangzhou.
(in frenchenglish)

Newsletter Nº 5 - April 2012 
General Assembly and International Conference
(in frenchenglish and chinese)

Newsletter Nº 4 - March 2012 
Meeting of the Excutif Board in Lisbon (in frenchenglish and chinese)

Newsletter Nº 3 - October 2011 
The international symposium of Lignano Sabiadoro
(in english and chinese)

Newsletter Nº 1 - April 2011 
Election of the Professor François Vellas as IAUTA´s President
(in french and  chinese)