International Association of Universities of Third Age main objectives:

To federate
 Universities of the Third Age across the world, including those organizations, which under different names, subscribe to the same objectives,

To constitute, with the support of Universities around the world, an international framework of a lifelong educational nature and concerned with research for, by, and with the old,

To develop the exchange of knowledge that the older generation achieves for the benefit of society as a whole.


Upcoming events: 

  • Alicante, Spain (June 2015): Governing Board and 96th International Conference "U3A, Citizenship and Social Cohesion"
    U3A, Citzenship and Social Cohesion

  • Lublin, Poland (September 2015): Governing Board and the 97th International Conference "Students of the third age-a new generation of students?"

  • Reims, France (May 2016): Governing Board, General Assembly and International Conference.

  • Osaka, Japan: Governing Board and International Conference.

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